Welcome to EDU-VR

Virtual Reality is the technology that allows us to experiment virtual worlds as if we were actually there.

What does virtual reality mean?

Virtual Reality is the simulation of a 3D environment, so accurate that the user experiments an almost real actual presence.

What we offer

Educational applications that use VR technology and more, simulations in diverse fields and VR presentations.

E-Learning in VR

We develop e-Learning applications designed mostly to adults. In VR, the learning process becomes an immersive and captivating experience that cannot be otherwise be achieved.


We develop spectacular simulations of objects, phenomena, and processes in the virtual environment, at a surprising level of realism and with unlimited possibilities.

Immersive presentations

We offer applications designed to visualise real estate and marketing presentations in VR, as well as presentations related to entertainment and advertising.

What makes Virtual Reality so efficient?


Immersion gives an all-senses trip in the virtual world, turning the user from a mere assistant to an active participant with full rights in the learning experience.


For the first time in the world of technology, the user not only observes and sees, but feels and experiments the immediate consequences of their actions at a sensory level.


The virtual reality allows the user to move within the environment where the learning experience occurs, to touch, move and transform the objects around and thus discover the immediate results of these actions.

What fields are a perfect-fitĀ for VR


In VR, learning becomes an immersive and captivating experience that cannot be otherwise be achieved.

Industrial Simulations

Simulations of processes and procedures for the industrial field designed to train employees and to support productivity growth.

Real Estate

Efficient exteriors and interiors home visualisation for constructors and estate agents.

Our recent projects in VR